Body Cast

Your Body as a piece of Art

Every single body or face is a unique piece of art of divine origin.

Beauty and youth are not meant to last to eternity, but the ability of capturing a three dimensional snapshot gives us a kind of “memory” incomparable to what photography or any other conventional mean can offer.

I offer you the opportunity in acquiring a unique “bodyprint” made of plaster.

My artistic ambition is to transform your body reproduction into a unique, eternal piece of art.

Your new body sculpture can be hung on a wall or be placed on a special pedestal.

The decision is yours, although it’s of crucial importance to be decided before the whole procedure begins. I can always give you a piece of advice while elaborating your ideas. I’m sure the final result is going to thrill you.

If you re expecting a new member in your family don’t miss the opportunity to eternalize the changes in your body by making a three dimensional piece of art.

Let's Begin....

Everything starts with a conversation. You will help me understand your vision for our project and we’ll decide together the right stance you ll have to bare for approximately half an hour.

In case you want a full body print, we might need to schedule a second appointment.

After we finish making the mold you can clean yourself and my work begins. I pour the plaster and after following a procedure of sculpting and given the necessary time to set, your body sculpture is ready. The preparation time differs given the size of your sculpture. For half body I might need 2-3 weeks while for a full body this time doubles to 1-2 months.  During the procedure the initial mold will be destroyed. That guarantees the uniqueness of your new piece of art.